In Nature, symbiotic relationships are formed, as species support one another to thrive.             Threads was born from a symbiotic relationship between two friends, who love to co-create with movers and booty shakers, from all over the world, to provide experiences that allow us to thrive.

With a passionate vision to connect to ourselves, unify community, and explore the wild inner and outer landscapes of life, we created our mantra to sum it all up: Move, Discover, Play.

MOVE:  Movement is a fundamental element of life.  It tunes us in to our own bodies, these amazing vessels of our vitality, and the sensations of our inner universe.  Freedom and confidence in movement helps us feel more alive, facilitate growth and the ability to navigate new ways to BE in the world.  We love to move and are committed to helping spread connected, organic and boundary expanding movement in all its forms; from highly skilled and practiced acrobatics to free-flowing dance to meditative massage, the possibilities are limitless.

DISCOVER:  Discovery is everywhere, in every moment, inviting you to see the world with fresh eyes. When we approach each moment with a beginners mind, even the familiar can feel like unchartered territory.  We strive to cultivate a beginners mind, in ourselves and our students, to alight natural curiosity and find that there is so much to discover, when we forget all that we believe we know.

PLAY:  Play is one of life’s great teachers. Albert Einstein said 'play is the highest form of research'.  We can learn more about ourselves, each other and our environment, through play, than any other tool available….and it’s way more Fun!  We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously.  After all, we’re just moving and discovering and therefore we invite and encourage play at every opportunity.


Underlying all that we create, is an innate love and passion, for the natural world.  We are all connected to nature, in a very real way and have the ever-present invitation to engage with and learn from its wisdom.

In the forest, a small shrub doesn't feel inferior to the towering White gum, looming above, nor does the Parrot try to hide its colours from the Crow. Nature’s essential truth teaches us that when we strip away all our busy thoughts, we are perfection, we are exactly as we are meant to be, fully accepted and at home in the world.

Honouring our differences, as an expression of nature’s endless creativity, we come to see each individual and every element of the natural world, as one single Thread, woven together to create a whole. The opportunities to tangle, mingle, break off, re-connect, and create new experiences and relationships along the way are endless, but the fact remains that the tapestry of life becomes richer, with every new Thread.

As we continue to create and connect with others to bring you fresh experiences, we move forward with the intention to facilitate this connection back to the natural world, our natural identities and the innate ability to Move, Discover & Play.