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Byron Bay Acro Flyaway Intensive 

SEPTEMBER 21-25, 2018 


The Byron Bay Acro Flyaway is back for the 3rd year! We have Australian and International Teachers and offer 5 full days of training from September 21 - 25. This years edition is a non-residential intensive right in Byron Bay, just a stones throw from a secluded beach, covering Acroyoga, Partner Acrobatics, Hand-Balancing, Embodied Movement, intelligent training techniques and optional therapeutics. 

Outside of training times we'll have Acro Social evenings, morning movement sessions in nature around Byron, Acro Jams, Body Work, and other surprises await.

We'll be layering, building and progressing through a bunch of material over 5 full days to get you training hard, up-skilling, feeling challenged, finding success, pushing boundaries, and expanding your overall body map and sensory experience. You can expect copious amount of partner acrobatics and hand-balancing technique, with flavours of Yoga, natural movement, improvisation and creative dance exploration to get you into fully accessing your body. 

Co-founders of Threads, Ebony Prins & Scott Cashins, pull together teachers from Australia and Internationally to create a high intensity, skill based training and an invitation towards being a fully embodied, adaptable, and skilfully moving human.  

The Acro FlyAway Intensive includes 30 hours of training plus morning and evening activities. We’ll be bringing a bunch of elements to this years intensive, including: 

The Story of Hand to Hand
- Building the Hand to Hand
- Hand to Hand L basing ins, outs and transitions
- Building the standing Hand to Hand
- Standing Hand to Hand, ins and outs and exciting entries/exits  
- Connection and timing

Standing Acrobatics:
- standing foundational skills
- standing intermediate and advanced skills
- entrance and exits to lying or standing base
- dance acrobatics

- handstand and handbalance training and technique
- train the various handstand pathways and get to to know your handstand more intimately
- working and training on canes
- prep and drills for more advanced hand balance skills such as press entry and one arm and advanced positions such as 'sevens'.

Building the partner acrobatic relationship:
- Daily intelligent training and layering of foundational skills, via a series of reps, long holds and creative transitions, that build our ability to tackle more complicated movements and washing machines. Some of these foundational skills include, but are not limited to, - Foot to hand, shoulderstand, star and reverse star (regular, free and mono) needle, bicep stand, croc, standing on body parts, removing points of contact, varied stacking techniques. 
- Base/flyer conditioning sessions and cross training for strength based transitions
- connection practice

Partner acrobatic L-basing skills and sequencing:
- Washing Machines (introducing new machines!)
- Pops
- Whips
- mono limb, assymetrical holds, transitions and slackro style flows

Becoming an embodied human: 
- morning movement sessions
- techniques from Yoga, natural movement and calisthenics
- contact improvisation and movement exploration


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Curious as to what an average day might look like? Check out this example schedule to get an idea of a day in the life of an intensive training student.  Exact material will change based on the goals of the students attending.






Scott Cashins & Ebony Prins

Ebony & Scott are Founders of Threads and creators of soul-nourishing experiences. Their combined skill set in Partner Acrobatics, Natural movement, Yoga, Thai Massage and Therapeutics brings a full and inspired practice, forever evolving new ways to move and connect.  

From self-developed Acroyoga washing machines, pops, whips, static holds and standing acrobatics, to yoga, natural movement and play, they invite you into the wild world of movement to learn, explore and be entertained. 

They'll bring you focused training sessions with helpful drills and technique as well as a bunch of surprises to keep you on your toes, in your body and finding the balance between fluidity and strength. For more info, check out their bios HERE.



Alex Mizzen 

You may have seen Alex somewhere on a stage near you as one of Australia's leading hand balance and circus performers. Alex has a background as a trained gymnast and a graduate from the National Theatre Ballet. Alex worked as a contemporary dancer, honing both her physical and performance skills before turning her eye to circus. Now as an established circus artist with specialties in both hand balance and aerial chair, Alex has worked with some of the leading Australian & international companies such as Les 7 Doigts de la Main, Company 2, Cantina, CIRCA, Legs on the Wall, La Soirée, Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth and Le Grand Cirque. Alex’s work is heavily influenced by her rich movement background, both of which she has a natural passion and enthusiasm to share and teach. In conjunction with 15 years teaching experience in dance, yoga and circus Alex is currently working with The Flying Fruit Fly Circus & CIRCA Zoo, facilitating emerging artists in this very same process of uncovering their own creative voice. With Alex onboard for this years Flyaway, you're guaranteed some highly technical and professional training whilst expanding your movement vocabulary in all directions. 

Kat (FIN) & Jared (AUS)

Kat and Jared are a performing circus duo and acrobatics teachers. This amazing teaching duo mix together a unique set of skills and drills from the disciplines of Partner Acrobatics, AcroYoga, acrobatic dance such as lindy hop & rock n roll, contemporary dance and circus performance. Trained by Carampa Circus, AcroYoga Montreal, and Hanuman Acrobatic yoga,  Kat & Jared have a joyful bundle of movement knowledge ready to share.  Kat & Jared share a wide range of skills, weaved together with a thoughtful pedagogy and intelligent drills to help make your acro practice feel smooth and connected.  With a focus on concepts and movement patterns that are key to unlock any new skill, this pair will share techniques to help make new skill acquisition effortless.  In their workshops you will explore how the quality of touch and the ability to lead and follow in your practice of acro and other partner movement. These qualities bring connection and ease, which are also the keys to dynamic partner acrobatics.  You will learn new moves and transitions you can put in to your performance, acro or the dance floor!  Even when we teach dynamic skills, we don’t forget the meditative and breathing quality of enjoyable partner movement. With this duo you will breathe deep and fly high!!

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Nirvana Pilkington


A devoted Yogi and teacher for over 12 years, Nirvana's teachings are influenced by many styles such as Hatha, Creative Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, AntiGravity Aerial Yoga and Sakshin Ghatashta.  Nirvanas Yoga classes are a fusion of these elements, bringing connection to a flow of movement and breath, anatomical alignment for greater energy flow and an intuitive approach to students needs.  As an acrobat, Nirvana has studied with AcroYoga Montreal and communities across North America and Europe.  She is a trainer at Vulcana Womens Circus and a runs weekly AcroYoga classes in Brisbane and surrounding areas.  Nirvana is a phenomenal teacher who is details oriented and passionately explores the interplay and dissolution in roles between base and flyer, with a focus on smart sequencing, and loads and loads of fun.  As a Somatic Sex Educator, Nirvana is well versed on issues surrounding consent and inclusion. 


What's included/Investment

What's included?

What's included/Investment

What's included?

The Byron Acro Flyaway Intensive Starts on September 21st at 9am and runs for 5 full days, until September 25th.                                                             Training will run from 9am to 5pm every day, with a two hour break for lunch, in between sessions.

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Schedule Layout:

Daily Schedule
7:30 - 8:30 am Morning Movement - various locations
8:30 - 9:30 am Breakfast break
9:30 - 12:00 pm Morning Session - The Space
12:00 - 2:00 pm Lunch break
2:00 - 4:30 pm Afternoon Session - The Space

Evenings : Optional Activities/Jams/Swims/Therapeutics - various locations   

Opposite: IS AN EXAMPLE SCHEDULE ONLY, the exact training material will be based on the goals of the students attending.           

Click on this LINK for a PDF of essential information on attending the Byron Acro FlyAway

Accommodation & Eating: 

This intensive is non-residential. This means it's up to you to find a place to stay over the training. There are countless options for accommodation in Byron Bay and surrounds, to suit every need and budget! Check out Air BnB, Hostels, Camping spots or even couch-surfing! You can also connect with other students attending, via the Facebook event page, to organise a shared house etc. 

This also means this training is a self-catered event, so you can eat exactly what your body likes best! We do love to connect and wind down over food though, so there will be lots of opportunity for shared dinners in the evenings and some group sunset gazing. 


EARLY BIRD (Ends August 10th): $435


Spaces are limited, so if you're keen to come along fill in the registration from by clicking below and make a 50% deposit to the following account to secure your spot! 

Account: Threads Tasmania                                                                                                                                                                                                  BSB: 633-000                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Account: 151 701 513

SWIFT CODE (international transfers) :  BENDIGOAU3B

Correspondent Bank: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited

****Please use your last name as a transaction reference****

If you require a different method of payment, please get in contact with us.

Cancellations: *Tickets and Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person*