Welcome to the new Threads blog !

Let's talk.  In the good way, in the more in depth way that can be hard to capture on facebook and instagram.  In this blog, we are keen to share our thoughts on moving, discovering and playing and on the journey bringing these elements to our own and others lives through Threads.  We have always looked at this venture of Threads as something that should evolve and grow as did we, and we called ourselves Threads, to give us the freedom to explore ALL the interconnected Threads of Life that inspire and allow us all to thrive.  We'll talk about these different threads in our next post:)  For now, we hope this blog will help us share these thoughts as well as some of the adventures we get up to along the way!!   Much Love Y'all!!

TV killed the radio star.

Radio is such an amazing media for storytelling and so much gratitude to great podcasts like The Moth and True Story for reinventing and reviving this artform.  With this old school love of radio in place (and a love of free advertising), we were stoked to have the opportunity this week to chat with Ted Dobrotin and Carol Raabus of 936 ABC Hobart to introduce Threads and AcroYoga in Hobart and what we love about the practice.  We thought this is a nice way to kick off this blog in our own voices. 

 Have a listen!

And heres the article that accompanied the interview on the ABC Website