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Tasmanian Acro FlyAway

January 24 - Feburary 1, 2020

8 Days Training


 Partner Acrobatics, Hand to Hand, Standing Acro, Washing Machines

Great times, Stunning nature and a bunch of surprises 

I loved how everything was broken down and then put into a flow. Great teaching styles. I especially liked when intermediate and advanced were split into groups to work on different skills.
— 2017
I’m just amazed and thankful. What a life turning experience. So important. Thank You!
— 2017
Beautiful people, wonderful location, and fantastic time! This has been a life shaping event for me. I’ve developed skills and relationships that I will carry through my life. Thank you for the experience.
— 2016

Now in our 6th year! Join us for a week long experience to train sustainably, play fully, up-skill, and explore your human potential.

Our teacher line-up this year includes acrobats Niko Dowes, Monika Kolb, Mimi Nunez, Katarina Sofia, Jared Van Earle, Scott Cashins, and Ebony Prins, bringing you daily handstand training, standing acrobatics, varied H2H training, Icarian, whips, pops, and washing machines.

Be ready for at least 7 hours of instruction and training daily.

Train standing acrobatics at the edge of your skill level in the longe with one-on-one attention and coaching sessions.

To support a sustainable and ongoing practice, we’ll also dive into practices that prepare and restore your body for training. Amongst all the Acro, you’ll get doses of mobility and flexibility training, restorative bodywork classes, and movement, body connection and awareness techniques, all helping you to build a fluid and whole practice.

We also like to bring the surprises, so be prepared for some feel good moments and shenanigans, nature connection, story telling, acro adventures, evening jam sessions, the Cabaret. The magic moments that the Flyaway is infamous for.

There will also be time to wind down and connect with others and the quiet beauty of the natural world. Enjoy evenings in the traditional Finnish sauna, soaking in the outdoor fire baths under the stars, and around the campfire. During the day, explore the local rainforest, slackline, jam in the dojo, or just kick back, and breathe in some of the freshest, cleanest air on the planet. Between training times you can recharge your body and soul through re-connection on all levels.

FlyAway with us this summer and leave with an expanded acro knowledge, a bunch of new friends, connections and the feeling of coming together and building community.



What’s it all about?


What’s it all about?

The Flyaway is an intensive week of Acro training. But the FlyAway is also more than just another Acro training. It’s a chance to spend time amongst nature and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures and connections. Early morning mist rising from the valley, an afternoon walk in the rainforest, and evenings enjoying the sauna, hot baths, and campfire. Most importantly, the FlyAway is about the awesome crew of humans that join together to create connections and community that continue into our lives and help create a web of support that we can call on at anytime down the track.

We lift one another up, we share, grow and encourage each another to meet new edges in acro and in life. We practice the art of accepting ourselves and others, just as we are. 

Our teaching crew will help you nail new acro tricks, train intelligently, become inspired, and meet your movement goals. Underlying this is our belief that creating a worldwide, healthy, supportive community, born from our common passion for Acro, is one effective way to help change the world for the better.  We would love you to join our 2020 Flyaway community and be a part of the growing web. 










Nestled into the Meander Valley, Tenchi Farm is our home for the 2020 Tasmanian Acro Flyaway. 

Surrounded by pristine Tasmanian nature and complete with wooden sauna, outdoor firebaths and indoor dojo training space, Tenchi provides us with the perfect playing ground.

Visit the nearby waterfalls, have a swim in the lake a short drive away, and wander in the ancient rainforests within this beautiful valley.

Directions to Tenchi Farm will be issued upon booking (~20 mins from Deloraine, ~1 hour from Launceston, ~2.45 hours drive from Hobart).

For interstate/international visitors,  we recommend flying into Launceston and organising a group taxi from the Launceston airport with other guests ( works out to be around $40/pp). The Facebook event page can be used to organise ride shares.

Buses from Hobart and Launceston to Deloraine are also possible. From Deloraine we can collect you in a shuttle pick up on Friday Eve and Saturday Morning. 

Get packing! 

Accommodation options:


This year the majority of accommodation available is camping on the land at Tenchi farm. All campers will have full access to shared indoor spaces, bathrooms, hot showers, and bush kitchen. Nestle into your own quiet spot under the stars and sync with the rhythm of the natural world.                             

SHARED CABINS (2 PEOPLE, shared as a double)           

There are two cabins available, with a double bed in each. As we have limited cabin space, these must be booked as doubles. So pair up with your lover, brother, sister or friend and book in together to share one of these.

These won’t last long! So if you know you want an indoor spot, please be in touch ASAP!


Three delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals will be served daily.  We will have delicious, fresh meals and produce to fuel us during the training.

For those that wish to eat meat, the farm we are staying at raises their own cows for beef, which you may purchase to grill yourself.



The Crew


The Crew

Scott (Australia)


Scott's teaching explores a wide range of acro goodness: L-basing flows, whips, pops, hand balancing, and standing acrobatics including hand to hand. With an emphasis on cultivating connection and discovering your inner power lines to bring stability and control to your acro beyond your apparent build. With a focus on flow and timing, building and calibrating the fundamentals, and curating new playlists for dance warmups last seen in an aerobisize video, Scott connects the dots to help you form a fun and integrated acro and movement practice. When joy, balance, strength and connection are strengthened, freedom in acro expression expands.

With a focus on developing your individual mobility and physical preparation for acro and handbalancing, Scott can help you lay the foundation needed to acro for the long haul. As a teacher of Thai Massage, release and ease forms a complementary element.

With a deep appreciation for nature and our place in it, movement and the wild world form an integral part of his practice.

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Ebony (Australia)

Ebony comes from a diverse background based in Breathwork, Bodywork and Movement. A partner acrobatics teacher, with a deep love of the practice, Ebony is well versed in the acro world and brings a bunch of techniques including handbalancing, creative washing machines, whips, pops, standing acro, mono limb balances and asymmetrical challenges. 
Through years of teaching, Ebony can guide you with enthusiasm and ease into the world of tricks and technique, but her knowledge and fascination with the practice and the human body, runs much deeper than that. 
Humbled and fascinated by the the innate mind-body connection, Ebony practices mindfulness in movement and explores how Acro can take us beyond a physical experience and into becoming more fully embodied, on all levels of our being.
Ebony loves the retreat experience of bringing people together to re-connect to community and their wild inner nature and keeps the balance between focus and fluidity, by embodying elements of play, creativity and spontaneity. She’ll get you dancing, booty-shaking, smiling, letting loose, frolicking in nature and sometimes being a bit ridiculous, as after all, Play is the foundational root that this practice evolved upon.

Niko Douwes (Netherlands)

For those from the Acrobatic world, Niko Douwes needs little introduction. Training and performing in Dutch Acrobatics for over 20 years and teaching for more than 13, Niko travels the globe to share his elite acrobatic skills and knowledge, train teachers, perform and is basically one highly sought after dude. Niko’s enthusiasm for Acrobatics is contagious and his ability and passion for teaching, incomparable. Whatever your current skill base, Niko will take you to the next level and all in the name of fun. Niko, originally from the Netheralands is co-founder of Partner Acrobatics, head trainer at Pitch Catch Circus and so much more. To check out his work with partner acrobatics click HERE  

Mimi Nunez (USA)

With a diverse background in movement and over a decade of experience in education, Mimi has been sharing her love for acrobatics full-time since 2012.  A seasoned teacher from the USA, Mimi understands the importance of setting high standards while simultaneously building people's beliefs in their own capacities. She creates an environment in which students are challenged, feel safe to take risks and are supported to learn. She is known for her positive demeanor, high energy and encouraging nature.  Mimi is a teacher trainer for partner acrobatics and acroyoga.org teaching in the united states, mexico, australia, thailand, indonesia and throughout europe.  Mimi uses her insight, passion and clear communication on her journey of spreading acro for the people.  Find out more about Mimis work with partner acrobatics by clicking HERE

Kat (FINLAND) & Jared ( AUS)


Kat and Jared are a performing circus duo and acrobatics teachers. This amazing teaching duo mix together a unique set of skills and drills from the disciplines of Partner Acrobatics, AcroYoga, acrobatic dance such as lindy hop & rock n roll, contemporary dance and circus performance. Trained by Carampa Circus, AcroYoga Montreal, and Hanuman Acrobatic yoga,  Kat & Jared have a joyful bundle of movement knowledge ready to share.  Kat & Jared share a wide range of skills, weaved together with a thoughtful pedagogy and intelligent drills to help make your acro practice feel smooth and connected.  With a focus on concepts and movement patterns that are key to unlock any new skill, this pair will share techniques to help make new skill acquisition effortless.  In their workshops you will explore how the quality of touch and the ability to lead and follow in your practice of acro and other partner movement. These qualities bring connection and ease, which are also the keys to dynamic partner acrobatics.  You will learn new moves and transitions you can put in to your performance, acro or the dance floor!  Even when we teach dynamic skills, we don’t forget the meditative and breathing quality of enjoyable partner movement. With this duo you will breathe deep and fly high!! You can check out more about what Kat and Jared get up to by clicking HERE.


Monika Kolb (Germany)

Monica is a performer and Yoga teacher and teaches standing acrobatics and dance acro! She lives a colourful circus life in between gyms and on stage, especially talented in fire dance, hula hoop and aerials. Next to her performances she loves to share her knowledge of circus and movement arts. She teaches circus projects in German schools and teaches adults worldwide.

Find more info on the lovely Monika click HERE

Danny Lees (Australia)

Space creator, equipment specialist, acro-lover and all-round bringer of awesomeness, Danny Lees is our essential man behind the scenes. The Flyaways endeavour to deliver you an experience beyond your acro and movement training and it takes special people to bring those added extras that make these events more than just a physical training. 

Danny is one of these folk, humbly helping create the Flyaways since day one and pouring his heart, creativity and all round love for spreading joy and making others happy into every detail.  Whether it's building acro pontoons on the lake, creating jungle playgrounds, manifesting kayak adventures or offering assistance and words of encouragement on your movement journey, this guy will lift your spirits and make your time at the Flyaway that little bit richer and full of soul.   

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Sign Up


Sign Up


So that everyone can get the most out of this event we would like everyone to come with some experience in partner acrobatics and acroyoga.

We ask that you are able to base OR fly the following comfortably without spotters assisting in the movement, but spotting for safety is fine.

  • Star

  • Side Star

  • Shoulderstand

  • Knowledge and practice in basic washing machines (e.g. barrel roll, corkscrew, fourstep)

  • Basic knowledge and ability to spot skills at your level

If you are not sure where you are at, get in touch with us.  We don't want anyone that wants to come to miss out.  We can help you achieve the prerequisites before the FlyAway starts by giving you skills to work on and possibly linking you up with teachers and practice buddies depending on where you live:)

Investment (AUD): 

9 days training, inclusive of all food & accommodation:  

The Returning FlyAway Guest price is valid until December 20th

Standard Price Returning Flyaway Guest
CAMPING $1265 AUD (~775 Euro) $1100 AUD (~680 Euro)
CABIN $1540 AUD (~945 Euro) $1540 AUD (~945 Euro)

Full payment can be accepted via credit card (contact us for details) or Bank Transfer.

Follow the Facebook Event for All Updates HERE

Registration & Payment & Travel Arrangements

To Register, Please complete the following:

  1. Fill in the Registration Form HERE

  2. Make a Deposit or Full Payment via the details that follow (your space is not reserved until payment is received)

  3. Follow the Facebook Event for Updates HERE

  4. Download, read in full and save the Tasmanian Acro FlyAway Information Pack for all the deets on getting there, what to bring, etc.

  5. Read the Cancellation Policy Below


To reserve your spot, please pay in full to the following bank account.

You may also make a non-refundable deposit of $350. The final amount must be paid, in full, 30 days before the first day of the Flyaway (pay by Dec 15th, 2019).  If you would like this option please email us, and then make a payment via bank transfer to:

Account: Threads Tasmania

BSB: 633-000

Account: 151 701 513

SWIFT CODE (international transfers) :  BENDIGOAU3B

Correspondent Bank: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited

****Please use your last name + Tasflyaway as a transaction reference****

If you require a different method of payment, please get in contact with us.

Cancellation Policy:

  • We would like you to regard your participation in this special event as important as we do. We make all kinds of arrangements according to who participates in the event. Therefore we have put some time limits for our refund policy in case of cancellation on your behalf. We would like to make clear that 4 weeks before the event starts we give no refunds whatever the reason of cancellation. For the period before that we can give you a full refund only if you find someone to replace you in the event. Please understand these conditions before making any bookings.

  • We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover your expenses if an injury or family emergency arises so that you may claim any losses including training and travel costs.

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