Ebony Prins

Ebony is dedicated to inspiring people toward living the way that aligns with their heart and leads by example. Coming from a background in Naturopathy, Remedial Massage and Yoga, Ebony was introduced to the addictive world of Acroyoga & Partner Acrobatics and fell head over heels, with the practice.

Ebony loves the adventure that comes in finding ways to create functional static shapes with another body, as well as the dynamic movement of the practice that requires the skill of finding fluidity within stability.

Her understanding is that most success comes from embodying these two dualities of being active, yet soft, strong, yet supple, to achieve a balance and unified body, that allows one to effectively integrate with another. Ebony loves to share and teach individuals/duos/trios or groups to refine these and other technical elements, required to successfully and safely reach new heights.

Ebony has studied with teachers around the world in Guatemala, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe, Australia and America and is continually training, developing and refining new skills in her physical practice as well as those that contribute towards her ability to better integrate and understand the subtler sides of communication, trust and community building.

Ebony is co-founder of Threads, continues to work as a remedial therapist and Yoga teacher and is currently studying a Practitioner Diploma of Breath Work and Body-Centered Counseling. 


Scott Cashins

Scott is fascinated by the role of movement in our lives. From its deep roots in human evolution and culture, to its importance in our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, to the anatomy of movement, and how our joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are meant to function and keep functioning at a high level, even as we get older. As a teacher, Scott studies methods to rediscover, in a modern context, our bodies deep potential as the greatest all-around movers on the planet and is dedicated to helping everyone build healthy, fluid, adaptable bodies along side flexible and peaceful minds.  

With a PHd in Ecology and a love for the natural world, Scott's classes take on an organic element that invites students to focus, feel and explore their own boundaries through movement that is immersive, spontaneous, fun, often challenging, but always highly nutritious.  In his own practice, Scott seeks to constantly grow. For Scott, being a moving human, means being mentally aware while able to manoeuvre your body with control, in response to any situation or position. This goal brings a primary focus on restoring joint health and mobility, alongside developing full-body strength and flexibility, crafting a mobile spine, honing balance and coordination, and training the ability to move with spontaneity in response to natural surfaces, another person, or a changing situation. This approach allows anyone, wherever they are at, to begin moving towards greater freedom in their body and mind.  

Scott teaches classes in Movement, Mobility, Handstands & Conditioning, AcroYoga, Standing Acrobatics, Yoga, and Thai Massage and is available for personal training, and private or small group sessions. 

Scott is an FRC (TM) Mobility Specialist, Personal Trainer, Partner Acrobatics and AcroYoga teacher, MovNat level 2 trainer, Yoga teacher, Thai Massage practitioner and Co-founder of Threads Tasmania.