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An Evening to Nourish…

Indulge in an evening of Thai massage, delicious dessert and home-brewed chai.

You’ll be guided through a two hour workshop, focusing on this ancient Thai bodywork, that restores and nourishes muscles, joints and bones.

Learn bodywork techniques and have the chance to perfect and play, before you're led through a full-body, guided massage sequence.

You’ll also be invited to tune in, with deep body-listening practices and create a restorative space for your nervous system to wind down, reorganise and find balance.

Soak up the nourishing vibes afterwards, as we chat and connect over delicious treats and caffeine-free chai. (vegan and gluten free options included!)

This can be a beautiful experience to share with a friend or loved one, but no partner is necessary in order to attend.

Investment: $35

To book your spot click HERE

We look forward to sharing a beautiful evening with you!

About Your Facilitators:
Scott Cashins:

Scott is an Acroyoga & Natural and Functional movement teacher, certified Personal Trainer, and Thai Massage practitioner. Travelling to Northern Thailand, Scott has studied under some of the living legends of Thai Massage, including Chatchoi of the Sunshine Thai Massage School in the Lahu Village, Jack Chaiya, and Pichest Boonthume. Each of these teachers has contributed specific styles and techniques to Scott's body of knowledge, which he combines and shares with his students. Scott believes compassionate and healing touch is an essential part of the human experience and is moved to give people the tools to take care of their loved ones and fellow humans through the gift of Thai Massage.

Ebony Prins:

Ebony is a Yoga & Acroyoga teacher & has been working within the field of bodywork for the last 10 years. Ebony primarily trained as a remedial massage therapist with a focus on deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage & cupping. She then continued her bodywork journey and studied Thai massage techniques and the art of therapeutic flying in Indonesia and Thailand. Her passion for bodywork continued and led her to train as a Kahuna bodyworker at Mette’s institute as well as the foundations of polynesian bone and joint massage.

Ebony is deeply interested in the emotional and mind/body connection that takes place during bodywork and is also a practitioner of Breathwork and body centred counselling, which greatly informs her work as a physical therapist.

Ebony & Scott are the founders of Threads, helping people connect back to their body and spirit through movement, body care, nature and creative play.