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Dive into bodywork...

On the last Sunday of every mont we'll guide you into exploring the techniques and ancient art form of Thai Massage. In each session we'll teach a series of moves with adequate time to practice and workshop your individual style. During the evening you'll not only be learning how to GIVE but also how to RECEIVE this beautiful treatment, as you become the body for fellow students to work on.

After exploring the evenings teachings and having a chance to practice, you will be guided through a short session of bodywork, allowing you to link techniques together and develop your flow. Each month we'll offer up added extras such as micro-meditations for focus and presence as well as anti-gravity or 'flying' massage and polynesian joint and bone massage. Whether you're craving some new tools for your bodywork toolbox, need some extra body care, or simply want to try something new in a relaxing and supportive environment, we invite you to join us.

Location: 65 Murray St. - The Fourth Floor

Investment: This evening of giving and receiving massage is $30. To Book your place, simply click on the button above (this will take you to The Fourth Floor booking page) or make a direct deposit with your name as the reference to:

Name: Threads Tasmania                                                                  

BSB: 633-000                                                                                     Account: 151 701 513                  

Teacher info:

SCOTT CASHINS: Scott is an Acroyoga & Natural and Functional movement teacher, certified Personal Trainer, and Thai Massage practitioner.  Travelling to Northern Thailand, Scott has studied under some of the living legends of Thai Massage, including Chatchoi of the Sunshine Thai Massage School in the Lahu Village, Jack Chaiya, and Pichest Boonthume. Each of these master teachers has contributed specific styles and techniques to Scott's body of knowledge, which he combines and shares with his students.  Trained in the art of Therapeutic Flying, Scott guides willing clients off of the mat and into the air for a one of a kind, and sublimely relaxing experience of anti gravity massage. This unique massage practice is designed to lengthen the spine and to induce a state of deep relaxation and surrender. Scott believes compassionate and healing touch is an essential part of the human experience and is moved to give people the tools to take care of their loved ones and fellow humans through the gift of Thai Massage.  

EBONY PRINS: Ebony is a Yoga & Acroyoga teacher & has been working within the field of bodywork for the last 10 years. Trained as a remedial massage therapist with a focus on deep tissue, trigger points, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage & cupping, Ebony went on to further her bodywork journey studying Thai massage techniques and the art of therapeutic flying in Indonesia and Thailand. Her passion for bodywork continued to lead her to train as a Kahuna bodyworker, and learning the foundations of polynesian bone and joint massage at Mette's Institute.                                                                                       Ebony is deeply interested in the emotional and mind/body connection that takes place during bodywork and is currently a training practitioner in breathwork and body centred counselling, which greatly informs her work as a physical therapist.