The Art of AcroYoga

Cultivating Community through Movement and Play.

September 17, 18 & 24


@Bija Yoga, 45 Victoria St, Hobart CBD

Communication + unity = Community.  Healthy communities come in many shapes, but the underlying elements of effective communication within a unifying purpose are universally shared.  Play in movement (dance, sport, theatre) has helped cultivate connection and community throughout history.  Acroyoga is one such movement, and the awakening of the physical and personal skills throughout its practice are powerful in building community. 

** This workshop has been specifically designed for the Sacred Seeds Yoga Teacher Training Program, but is open to anyone interested in acquiring professional skills in the cultivation of community in classes and acroyoga.

During the 9-hour course on the 17th & 18th, you’ll learn the various tools and modes of play we use to develop a sense of community and connection in our classes, on retreat and during intensive trainings.  

From movement based games, to technical skills in creating functional shapes with another through partner yoga, acroyoga and massage, we’ll guide you through different tools available to build community, group interaction and self confidence through movement.  These tools can be used to cultivate community in your own classes or brought into other aspects of your life, where the feeling of play and connection is lacking.

Topics covered include: 

- Skills & technique – In partner yoga, acroyoga and therapeutic flying 

- Improvisation – allowing the natural process to unfold

- Play –  as a foundation for growth, discovery, evolution, inclusivity and building self-confidence

- Embodiment – through the use of natural movement and inviting authenticity in movement

- Connection – in its various forms of physical, emotional, mental and environmental

- Imagination -  As a form of perception and understanding

Our aim at the completion of this weekend intensive is for students to walk away with the understanding of how movement and play are powerful (and Fun!) elements of  connection and community building and have a bag full of practical tools to implement this process. 

Students will have the opportunity to apply their new skills by assisting and participating in a 3-hour Acroyoga workshop the following weekend, Sep 24th from 1-4pm, to solidify their skills and have the chance to play with others!