Let it Flow - Next Level AcroYoga

Thursday's 6.00-7.30pm

@ The Fourth Floor Studio, 65 Murray St. Hobart CBD

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The 'Let it Flow' AcroYoga classes are for those with previous experience in AcroYoga or Acrobalance, either from our Beginners Classes on Tuesday nights or your own practice elsewhere. In these classes we'll be exploring the world of AcroYoga with a little more depth focusing on cultivating flow in intermediate partner inversions, transitions, washing machines and pops. We will start each class with a brief warm up exploring natural movement patterns and then take that conscious movement from ourselves to working with others to cultivate fluidity and confidence in movement.

Prepare to take your skills to the next level as we begin to get more technical with our body mechanics, weight placement, alignment and strength building.

In these classes you'll learn lots while still playing with all the fun stuff.

Prerequisites: Basing and flying throne, shoulder stand, side star, and star (with spotting for safety is ok)